Our History

Three Generations of Factors

Veterans Distribution of Chicago, a family owned and operated business, brings over 45 years of experience in transportation solutions. Three generations of Factors - Hy, Bill, and Bradley - continue to impact the growth and development of the company.

Hy Factor originally founded Veterans with a focus on emergency delivery.

When a mid-90's strike within the transportation industry disrupted countless supply chains, our distribution to retail stores flourished. Veterans captured the immediate attention and trust of businesses needing products delivered overnight to Customers and our distribution business was given life.

Today, we process over 40,000 items a night, utilize 300,000 plus square feet in warehouse space, and offer comprehensive delivery services under the dignified leadership of William A. Factor. Dedicated to the legacy and success of the family business, Bill's personal example has shaped the company into one that strives to take "that extra step" to deliver excellence to customers daily.

As Hy instructed him on all facets of his company, Bill has personally taught his son, Brad, the "in's and out's" of VETS. When Brad was a child, he was the president of the "Fun Department." Throughout high school and college, he handled freight in the warehouse and involved himself in the operations of the company. Brad now adds fresh marketing perspective to our organization as an enthusiastic trailblazer.

Although Veterans Distribution of Chicago continues to grow tremendously, it remains very much a family owned business focused on establishing close relationships with Customers.

For more specific information on Veterans, please contact us via email or call us directly at (312)997-2850.