Proven Hardware

Our fleet of couriers isequipped with Motorola MC-65s. With capabilities as a scanner, phone, GPS, and as a signature capture device, we provide you with real time information on every delivery.

Features of the MC-65:

Cell Phone

Wireless GPS Navigation

Barcode Scanner

Real Time Tracking

POD Signature Capture

Camera for In-Transit/Delivery Photos

Motorola MC65

Valued Added Technology

In addition to our couriers having MC-65s, our in house IT department has implemented time saving technology at every facet of an order. We are adept at uploading manifests, modifying reports, and customizing invoices. We have yet to see a Customer with software or hardware that we cannot interface with.

Fully EDI Capable

1 & 2 Dimensional Bar Coding

Custom Labeling

Online Order Entry & Tracking

Immediate POD Notification

Password Protected FTP

Online Order Entry & Tracking

For orders outside of manifest uploads, our online system provides you with a fully customizable order entry screen 24-hours a day. Clients have the option of downloading a database of contact information or creating their own address book.

While increasing the visibility of shipments in progress, your order history is saved and you gain control of your time. For greater confidence and peace of mind, immediate POD's may be sent via email to confirm the time and receipt of your shipment.

Veterans Tracking Image

Cost Saving Reports

Veterans Distribution of Chicago makes generating your own reports easy. Account history and delivery trends can be reviewed online andreports can be customized to your specifications. We allow you to monitor and contain costs through hands on management of every one of your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Invoicing Options

Veterans Distribution of Chicago is fully EDI capable. We can send invoices as .pdf, excel, or a wide range of CSV text file formats. A short discussion with our Accounting Department will help you determine which format will work best for your company. We can also batch invoices based on reference information, BOL #, etc.